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Over 33 years ago upon graduation from Loyola Law School Gregory Noto began fighting for the rights and interests of the little man. He has handled thousands upon thousands of personal injury claims from inception of the claim thru trial and appeal. Trials from short judge trials thru weeks long jury trials have been handled relentlessly and tirelessly for his clients. Experienced trial attorney handling various matters in State Courts all throughout Louisiana and trials in Federal Courts. Mr. Noto has even tried civil matters in Mississippi. Injuries are genuine and very personal to the victim. One needs an advocate who listens and cares for their needs. You need someone who can explain the Court system from the beginning thru trial.

Noto Law Firm has the experience and desire to be your advocate and get what you deserve.

  • Admitted to Louisiana State Bar Association on October 5, 1984 and licensed to practice in all State Courts in Louisiana.
  • Admitted to practice in the Eastern and Middle District Federal Courts in Louisiana along with the Federal U.S. Fifth Circuit Court pf Appeals.

Member--34th Judicial District Court Bar Association for St. Bernard Parish

  • New Orleans Bar Association
  • Louisiana Association for Justice
  • American Association for Justice
  • American Bar Association
  • National Association for Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Member, Practice Improvement Committee, State Bar Association
  • Member, Medico-Legal Committee, State bar Association
  • Member, Uniform Court Rules Committee, State Bar Association

Positions held—Assistant District Attorney for St. Bernard Parish District Attorney’s Office

  • (2004-2014) retired
  • Past President and Vice-President of the 34th Judicial District Bar Association
  • Delegate to the State Bar Association representing St. Bernard Parish, 1997 thru present
  • Bar Examination grader for the Louisiana State Bar Association (1996 to present)
  • Past Board of Director member, American Red Cross, Southeast Louisiana
  • Past Board President of the St. Bernard Parish Battered Women’s Shelter

Your Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Office of Gregory Noto specializes in personal injury cases. If you've been injured in a car accident, a medical or pharmaceutical mishap, or any other act of negligence, we're here to help you every step of the way so you can fully recover from all of your losses.

Insurance companies are frequently eager to offer settlements that may initially seem fair, but sadly, they leave out many crucial expenses that the injured person fails to realize until after it's too late. When you're injured, even the simplest daily tasks can be overwhelming, and the insurance companies know you are vulnerable. It might seem convenient to settle during such a stressful time, but personal injury cases are often quite complex, and our job is to ensure you get the representation and ease of mind you deserve. Leave the battle to us.

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Criminal Defense

Your Basic Human Rights To Freedom

Criminal Law Tips For You

  • Never consent to a search of your house or car.
  • Never give a statement to the police without your lawyer present.
  • Never blow in the breath test machine for dwi.
  • Be courteous on a traffic stop-provide driver's license, proof of insurance and registration papers- nothing else.

Remember once you are arrested you have a right to remain silent.



After an arrest you will appear before the Magistrate Judge within 72 hours usually who will make a finding of probable cause and set a bond.

There are several ways to bond out of Jail. A commercial surety bond thru a bonding agency, usually 12% of the bond amount, which is NOT refundable. Next someone can put up their house as security to get you out of jail, a property bond. This means you must appear in Court when needed or they could lose their house.

Sometimes the Court will allow you to bond out of jail on a PSU, or personal security bond. The Court trusts you enough to let you out but someone else guarantees your reappearance or they must pay the bond amount.

Last is the ROR bond usually for small minor offenses where the Court allows you to bond out while trusting that you will return.


At arraignment the charges will be read to you and you should plead not guilty. Shortly after that there will be motion hearings, motions to suppress, motions for preliminary examination and motion to quash. These are all fact finding methods for the defendant to learn more about the State's case.

Motion to Suppress - A Search Warrant

Generally a warrant outlining probable cause signed by the Magistrate is needed to search your person, places and things. In Court, one must attack the facts presented to the Duty Judge who signed off on the warrant.

Motion to Suppress - Warrantless Search

Plain view, exigent circumstances, consent are all exceptions to the general rule that a warrant is needed to search. No warrant here so one must attack the facts and credibility of the officer.

Motion to quash

Based on legal issues which can strike the criminal charge down.


You have a right to a jury trial on certain felonies. You can select to be tried by the Court instead. Most offenses are tried to the Court. A decision as to Jury vs. Judge trial requires experience, knowledge of the Court system, the jury venire, the Court itself, and considerable searching with you and your lawyer as to the best method.

Your Rights At Trial

Presumed not guilty-STRONG PRESUMPTION State must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You do not have to testify and the State can not hold that against you. You do not have to put on any witnesses. The burden is on the State to convince the Jury of your guilt. Most juries verdicts require 10 out of 12 to convict.

Remember The State Wants To Take Away Your Freedom!

Hire An Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyer

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What To Do in An Accident

Seek help for the injured.

Call the local authorities.

Never admit fault to anyone.

Take photos of the scene, vehicles.

Secure insurance info from other driver.

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How Do You Benefit From A Fair Tort System?

 1. YOU ARE SAFER. A fair tort system holds negligent parties responsible and deters future negligence. This can deter unsafe driving, medical treatment, work place conditions and product manufacturing.

2. YOU SAVE MONEY. A fair tort system holds negligent actors responsible for the damages they cause. This prevents the costs from being shifted onto the victim or tax payer supported programs. For example, without a fair tort system, injured persons are forced to turn to tax payer supported medical programs for treatment. Instead of the responsible party paying for the injuries he/she caused, without a fair tort system, taxpayers pay.

3. YOU LIVE IN A BETTER COMMUNITY. A fair tort system resolves disputes and promotes justice and peace in a community. In contrast, systems which limit rights or deny access to redress wrongs lead to corrupt communities and societies.

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